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“What shall I do than with Jesus which is called Christ?” Matthew 27:22

Pilate was like many officials in the country today. Instead of acting upon what he knew to be right—he affirmed that Jesus was an innocent man—he took a poll and acted in response to the mob. He asked, “What shall I do?” This was the right question, but it was asked of the wrong people. He should have turned it inward and asked it of himself, for in judgment he does not answer for what the unbelieving mob demanded, he only answers for himself. It is not what men think of Jesus, nor what they wish to do with Him that makes the difference in my life. It is what I do about Him.

Multitudes are making the same mistake Pilate made. They listen to the mob that is made up of apostate theologians, atheistic professors, unbelieving newspaper columnists, and take the pulse of the pleasure-mad populace, then decide whether to treat Jesus as a noble martyr or a kind of hero of the down-trodden. But the answer must rest with the individual as when Jesus said to Peter, “But whom say ye that I am?” You must give answer out of your own mind and heart, for you will be held responsible for your decision.

There is no neutrality with Christ. Pilate washed his hands to indicate that he was taking a neutral position; he would decide nothing. But nevertheless he was credited in the annals of history as the one under whom Jesus was crucified. Many go their care-free way today, deciding nothing. They steer clear of the church and any facing of the issue, as if this keeps their hands clean, as if it makes them neutral. But as they go their way and do as they please they are condemning Jesus by rejecting Him as the Lord. This is the issue. Either He is what He claimed to be, the Lord of all, or His claims are false and He is not Lord at all. You may admire Jesus and yet be His enemy. Pilate admired Him. He spoke the truth about Him. To a degree he believed Him. But he still would not commit himself to Him as the Lord. Either we obey Him or go our way, rejecting Him, obeying our own desires. “What shall I do with Jesus?” You must answer this yourself.

PRAYER: Loving Father, help me to commit myself fully to Jesus my Lord and the complete terms of discipleship. Grant that I may not vacillate, but always be found firmly on the side of Jesus, in whose name I pray. Amen.