Welcome to COMMIT YOURSELF TO LIFE! This site is still under development, but it presently offers a daily, Christian devotion written by Curtis Dickinson. Originally collected in a small book entitled Commit Yourself to Life, “these devotions are written in the hope that they might shed light on the neglected subject of the eternal purpose of God.” Here Dickinson’s insightful and encouraging meditations are being posted for a new and broader readership. Dickinson also is known for publishing The Witness monthly newsletter from 1963 to 2004. Thanks for visiting.



“According to the good pleasure of His will.” Ephesians 1:5

To understand the meaning of these words, to even have a glimpse into the meaning of them, is joy to the Christian. Were I to go about doing things merely for my own pleasure, and according to my own will, you might justly call me selfish. But God is of such a nature that the good pleasure of His will is the very apex of perfection; nothing could be better than His will, and therefore for Him to desire His will and to have pleasure in it means that He is the essence of goodness. What God does is all for the highest goal—to please Himself, because God himself is the highest goal. Thus in the final and finished world, we can foresee God as having the utmost joy and pleasure in perfecting us, His children, and bringing us to glory, lavishing upon us the greatest glory and beauty, because this is His eternal purpose, to have man in His image. So Paul says that we are foreordained “unto adoption as sons through Jesus Christ unto himself, according to the good pleasure of his will”.

A parent who brings a child up to the point of maturity finds a great joy in seeing that child reach the goal set by the parent. The parent believes this is the highest good for the child, so both rejoice in the attaining of it. However, the human parent is not perfect, and cannot actually bring the child to the highest goal. It is for God, our Father, who by virtue of His nature is the highest, to bring us to the point that we reach the highest goal—unto Himself in His own image. If it is the good pleasure of God to set for us such a goal, what pleasure we mere creatures of dust should have in the assurance that He gives that we may attain it! We can only commit our lives to Him, worship Him, and give thanks.

PRAYER: O loving God, accept my praise for the glorious and eternal purpose wrought by Your will. Give me grace to abide in it, forever, through Jesus Who makes it all possible. Amen.