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“Present your bodies a living sacrifice.” Romans 12:1

“Duncan Fife Dining Room suite for sale . . . Original cost $200.00. will sacrifice”. This ad was only one of thousands that appear daily with the bargain-baiting assurance that the owner “will sacrifice”.

This might cause us to question American motives: are we so selfish that we only wish to bargain with our neighbor when he is at the disadvantage of having to “sacrifice” his goods? This “will sacrifice” tag suggests that fellow-citizens are looking for the chance to get something for nothing, even if it means sacrifice to their neighbor.

But it also suggests another question. Does the seller actually mean he is making a sacrifice? Does he mean that he will be the poorer for the so-called sacrifice? Is it a sacrifice that will have the therapeutic effect upon his character that genuine suffering and sacrifice have upon the child of God? Better than trying to answer these questions would be a self-examination, to answer the personal question, “have I really presented myself as a living sacrifice to God?” To make such a sacrifice means we will crush desires that are contrary to God’s desire for our lives. It means that we will give up any pursuit that is not in line with the ultimate purpose of God, no matter how exciting and enticing that pursuit may be. In terms of this world and the present life in it, such a sacrifice will be costly. It still be a sacrifice for which there is no remuneration in this world. For example, a person who gives up cigarettes in order to gain better health is not making a sacrifice, he is gaining a bargain. But the person who gives up sleep for prayer, or who gives up a good-paying job for a lesser one in order to pursue Godliness, these are presenting themselves to God, sacrificing some of life in this world for that which God will give in the next.

PRAYER: Father, teach me how to give myself more completely to your service, that I may always be pleasing to you. In Jesus name, Amen.